Art in the Alley

Stock up... and not just for yourself!

We are thankful everyday for our customers. Both near and far you are wonderfully loyal! Not to mention, when we get some great ideas directly from you, well, that just butters our biscuit!

Amidst the rain, wind and construction, we had a lovely lady stop in downtown and what she said was a brilliant idea, and heartwarming as well.

She only comes up maybe twice a year, but when she is in town she makes sure to stop by. When she is in the store, besides being inspired, she finds fun and unique gifts that she brings home and holds onto until the right event, and she has the perfect gift set and ready to give! What a great idea! How many of us get caught off guard by that birthday or anniversary that we were sure we were going to remember? Having a gift at the ready that you know will be charming, and perfect for the recipient is reassuring and frankly, a little more personal than a gift card… Don’t get me wrong, an Art in the Alley gift card is perfect for EVERY woman, but sometimes we all would like to give someone something they wouldn’t expect. Something as unique as they are. You can find just that in our stores.

And hey, the old, “one for them, one for me” adage is never a bad idea either. Get a gift that’s perfect for yourself while you’re at it!

Construction is good!

As we all know by now, the Superior St. construction is well underway! It is an exciting time to be downtown Duluth! We are located at 230 E. Superior St. Right smack dab at the END of the construction. The intersection of Superior and 3rd Ave E is still wide open and easy to travel allowing for parking on the avenue. Plus, the HART and Sheraton parking ramps are open and accessible from 1st St. and they are offering First hour free parking.

Not to mention, we have finally hit the time of year when we are a convenient 10 minute walk from Canal Park via the Lake Walk…

Our downtown store is large and bright, and filled with the same great selection as our mall location, plus so much more!

So on that next beautiful day, take a stroll downtown and stop in. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Website revamped...we’ve added more of our best sellers!

As you may have noticed visiting our website today, this site looks a little different.

You’ve been asking for more… and we are listening!

We are happy to be offering more of our best selling items on the online store…and keeping with our “ONE SIZE” favorites.

In addition to our best selling “one size” body shaper line of Elietian, we are adding wonderful “one size” layering pieces to complete a fun & fashionable look.

For those of you who purchased your first piece of Elietian “one size” clothing in our stores, it’s easier than ever to reorder more colors and new styles right from home.

Remember; Elietian (pronounced Ellie Tea On) is available in “one size-regular” which fits a size 4-14 and “one size-plus” which fits size 14-24. Please note, if you are a size 14, we suggest you choose the Plus Size for greater comfort.

We call the Elietian Clothing our “Secret Weapon”… as it instantly shapes & smooths your figure…it’s like losing 5 pounds instantly!

What’s so special about the Elietian leggings & tops?

-Shapes without feeling too tight.

-Easy care machine wash & dry

-Colors do not fade. Black really stays black!

-Fabric does not pill or stretch out of shape.

-Items are breathable… excellent for summer wear.

-Tanks are reversible… they can be worn as a crew neck or a v neck!

***We have had women say that they have thrown out all of their leggings and tanks, as they will only wear Elietian!

So the idea here is simple…start every outfit with your Elietian legging, capris, tunic dresses, tops and tank dresses…then add an artsy, beautiful, unique top to put over.

We hope you enjoy this little online store as much as you enjoy the full Art in the Alley store experience!

We are blessed to be celebrating our 11th YEAR of providing you with fun, quality, unique, artsy clothing.

We love our customers and we are awed by your loyalty. Thanks for shopping with us!