Two ribbon cuttings. Same date. Same location. Exactly 5 years apart.

Coincidence? We think not.  The universe has no coincidences...there is a plan bigger than we think.

5 years ago today we opened out cute little Art in the Alley-HOME store in the old Norshor Theater building.  It was the same fun, colorful, happy place...for home decor items, as the boutique is for clothing & accessory items.  It was "Dan's Store" was a man cave.  It was where he could go to work on painting & refurbishing furniture...and it was about 5 years ahead of its time.

We knew when we took over the space in the dirty old theater, that it was "temporary".  We were renting directly from the city of Duluth.  They told us we could have the space until the start of the Norshor Theater rennovation.  We were happy to have this quirky old space on Superior Street, just across the street from our clothing boutique.  It was easy to pass customers back and forth on a daily basis, and we were able to "clean up" the dirty old theater space...adding our Art in the Alley colorful swirls and exciting window displays to an otherwise dark and dismal side of Superior Street.

Five years ago today we held our ribbon cutting for our HOME store.  We were happy and excited to begin a new endeavor.

Fast forward five years.

Today Dan and I were back in our HOME store, at yet another ribbon cutting.

This time it was the ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of the Norshor Theater!

Yes, two ribbon cuttings.  Same date. Same location. Exactly 5 years apart.

What are the chances for us to be able to participate in both in our lifetime?

One in a million...perhaps.

All I know is that there are no coincidences.

Everything happens for a reason.

We are downtown Duluth.  We love downtown Duluth.  We are proud to be a part of downtown Duluth.

Although we had to say good bye to our Art in the Alley-HOME store 5 years ago, we knew we would be part of a bigger picture, a bigger downtown, a bigger arts district.

Today we are there.  Standing with other hard working visionaries in our community.  Celebrating the history that we are now able to continue...for at least 100 more years.

Thank you for believing in your downtown.

Welcome home beautiful theater.  We've been waiting for you.